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Hinoki Wood Bath Mat
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Hinoki Wood Bath Mat

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Hinoki Wood Bath Mat Description

Hinoki, or Japanese cypress, has long been prized for its natural antibacterial agents and its resistance to humidity. Both make it ideal for bathing accessories. The highly therapeutic wood contains minerals and essential oils traditionally used in Japan to treat skin irritations and reduce stress. All in all, a gift for a friend or for yourself that redefines bathing bliss.

Hinoki (Japanese cypress) is grown in Japan under strict control. Since WW II, over 1 million acres of new forest have been planted and legislation regulates the sustainable harvest of this precious resource. All of the Hinoki products that we sell are made from 100% by-product wood that results from the thinning of forests which is required to maintain healthy growth.

Throw away the dirty, sopping wet, mildewy bath rug. Cleanliness, dedication, and consistency for simple, everyday affairs are the way of the Japanese. From the temples and shrines to the bath, Japanese instruments and buildings are made from Hinoki wood, the country's most prized & sustainable timber. Creates a spa at home!

Color: Natural Hinoki wood
Medium 17 ¾” x 12.8" x ¾” h
Large 23.5” x 13 ¾” x ¾”

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Hinoki Wood Bath Mat Care

Place mat on flat surfaces only. Avoid exposing the mat to direct sunlight. Mat cannot safely support more than 250 lbs. Hinoki contains a natural antibacterial resin that has the beneficial effect of preventing mold and other bacteria formation on wood surface. If resin builds up and becomes sticky, simply wash off excess with hot water. Use a non-skid pad under Hinoki Bath Mat to prevent from sliding on smooth floor. Place before shower, bath, or sauna. The essential oils of hinoki wood are best released with steaming hot water.

Hinoki Wood Bath Mat Health

Hinoki cypress wood is a by-product of the Chamaecyparis obtusa tree, and regarded with great esteem for its aromatic and antibacterial benefits. In Japan, it is the only thing you should let your feet touch when exiting the bath. In Japanese culture, the bath is taken at night and is carried on casually with no rush, elongating the process until the bather is completely refreshed. Strong yet flexible, hinoki cypress wood is a decongestant and relaxant as well, excellent for stuffy noses, sinus and chest congestion, and respiratory problems like asthma. The light, lemony-scent has also been used to treat mild skin irritations and cuts. Hinoki’s natural resins prevent mold and mildew, making the wood resistant to bacteria and the absorption of odors.

Hinoki Wood Bath Mat Earth

The Cypress wood comes from responsibly harvested Cypress trees cut down in the process of forest thinning, which is required to maintain healthy forest growth.

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Hinoki Wood Bath Mat - medium
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