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Abyss European Super Pile Towels & Rug Colors

The above colors for the Abyss-Habidecor SuperPile Bath towels and Must Rugs are luxurious to the touch due to both the quality of cotton used and a proprietary weaving technique.

700 gram wt. and 100% Egyptian cotton.

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Please note that Abyss Habidecor does NOT allow online discounts or sale prices anywhere - if you order Abyss Habidecor products from the Earthsake website you will be charged the full retail price set by Abyss Habidecor. If Abyss Habidecor products appear online at a discounted price on this website (or any other) please report this problem to us immediately. The full price is to be charged at all times as required by Abyss Habidecor.

Communication from Abyss Habidecor specifically states: "Product in our current collection may not be on sale - ever." Abyss Habidecor goes on to say "Sales communicated to customers via an email blast (private sale, by invite only - No banners etc. on the home page) with a promotional code -- Are not permitted." A 2007 US Supreme Court ruling allows manufacturers to set a minimum retail for products so we can not honor any sale or discount for Abyss Habidecor products. We can assure you that these products will provide you with years of luxurious comfort.

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