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Eco-Friendly Mattresses Are LOCAL


Ecofriendly mattresses are LOCAL.

A truly eco-friendly mattress is not made overseas. It is made in America using American ingredients mainly because of the low carbon footprint it leaves but also because you can find local organic mattresses made with local organic materials that lead the world in purity standards. Take the Earthsake Organic Mattresses for example, all of which are eco-friendly and pure and all of which are made in the USA. The certified organic cotton is grown locally in central California and the PureGrow wool is from local sheep in northern California grazing free on natural ranges that have exceeded organic purity standards for years. PureGrow wool meets such a high standard that it is considered to be the purest form of wool you can find in the entire world. And its all right here - local. If you want to buy an eco-friendly mattress dont buy something made overseas - think about the carbon footprint left just to get it here. Ecofriendly is always best when local!

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