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Pure Grow Wool Filled Pillows

Pure Grow Wool Filled Pillows

Pure Grow Wool Filled Pillows. The Perfect Pillow.
Made in the USA (California) with local, organic ingredients!

As with our organic mattresses and bedding - we use no chemicals, no synthetics. Just pure organic wool inside that comes from local farms in Sonoma County, California(see our section on WOOL under Natural Living), because Sonoma wool is the ideal stuffing material for a pillow. It is soft, yet supportive, and springy enough to retain its resilience night after night for years. It naturally regulates body temperature to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And covered with unbleached 100% Organic Cotton muslin on the outside to keep everything natural and super comfortable to the touch! Machine washable organic cotton muslin covers are also available for all pillow sizes. (The neck pillow comes with the muslin cover.)

Choose any size for 100% organic cotton comfort on the outside and all natural, organic, chemical-free support comfort on the inside. Pure Grow is Pure Heaven!

Dont know which fill level to choose? When it comes to picking the perfect pillow you need to take into account your height, weight, and what type of sleeper you are. Do you sleep on your back? Your stomach? Your side? Stomach sleepers, say the experts, prefer a lighter density pillow, while back sleepers go for standard/medium fill and side sleepers often look for medium to extra fill or extra-density (like our latex pillows) to ensure proper neck support.

Additional Detail:
Our local, eco-friendly & organic matresses & bedding products have Pure Grow Wool inside. And its San Francisco Bay Area Pure Grow wool from Sonoma County which is as local and pure as it can get. Our PureGrow Wool™ and Natural Latex Mattresses, mattress pads & toppers, comforters and pillows are completely chemical-free and beyond organic. They are filled with PureGrow™ wool fleece and covered in 100% Organic Cotton. PureGrow™ Wool, is the premium "Organic" wool from Sonoma that we've carried for over 16 years. This wool goes beyond "organic" standards and is 100% American from free-range "happy sheep" ranched in Northern California, Oregon and Washington. They are raised in outstanding natural and healthy conditions under strict organic and PureGrow™ Wool standards. These standards in fact go beyond the organic standard by providing for the best in natural health & long life with wide free ranges for completely organic, happy sheep! They also go beyond organic with unprecedented natural cleaning and processing measures for the purest natural wool in existence today!
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PureGrow Wool Filled Pillow - Travel
PureGrow Wool Filled Pillow - Neck (w/cover)
PureGrow Wool Filled Pillow - Lite Fill - Std
PureGrow Wool Filled Pillow - Med Fill - Std
PureGrow Wool Filled Pillow Extra Fill - Std
PureGrow Wool Filled Pillow - Queen
PureGrow Wool Filled Pillow - King
PureGrow Wool Filled Pillow - Euro
Organic Cotton Filled Pillow - Travel
Organic Cotton Filled Pillow - Standard
Organic Cotton Filled Pillow - Queen
Organic Cotton Filled Pillow - King
Organic Cotton Muslin Pillow Cover - Travel, Ecru $26.00
Organic Cotton Muslin Pillow Cover - Std., Ecru $34.00
Organic Cotton Muslin Pillow Cover - Queen, Ecru $36.00
Organic Cotton Muslin Pillow Cover - King, Ecru $38.00
Organic Cotton Muslin Pillow Cover - Euro, Ecru $42.00

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