Gift Certificates


Gift Certificates are the easiest way to give a world of natural comforts to anyone!

Simply fill out the form below and we'll send it out for you instantly -right NOW- via email with your special message to the recipient(s).
You can also have us mail a Gift Certificate for you in a Gift Certificate envelope. We'll send it out today if the postoffice is still open.

eathSake Gift Certificat

Gift Certificates can be redeemed anytime online or at our store with no expiration date!

Gift Certificate Form
Amount of each gift certificate ($20.00 - $750.00)
Select type of gift certificate
E-mail Certificate(s) Mail Certificate(s)
E-mail Address(es)
     - one for each certificate purchased, separated by commas.
Certificates will be mailed to the address specified during the checkout process.
Presented To
Message (250 character limit)
Store gift certificate Policy

Gift Certificates can only be redeemed once either at the store or online. Gift Certificates redeemed at the store are checked for online redemption before redeeming at the store and then removed from online redemption once redeemed at the store. A Gift Certificate can not be used more than once. Its simple, easy, and secure. The best way to give a world of natural comforts instantly to your loved one!


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