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"The earthSake mattress is the #1 Best Organic Mattress in the World for local made & grown!  We had to find an organic mattress with the lowest possible carbon footprint for its customers.  It's not enough to just be organic for this category.  Like a local farmers market, this required local organic sourcing from the ground to the customer.  The local organic cotton & wool make this mattress the best of the best as rated in our local made & grown category.  Over a thousand 5 star rating reviews and counting... it wasn't even close - the earthSake mattress was voted the #1 Best Organic Mattress in the World for this one."

         United Organic Mattress Council


"I found out about your wool products from my acupuncturist who was trying to help me cope with my hot flashes. First I ordered the wool mattress pad, which not only helped my sweating at night, but was incredibly comfortable as well. I then ordered your wool comforter and 2 wool pillow and my sleep is dramatically improved. I have told many of my friends going through menopause and I wanted to thank you for your advice and wonderful service."

          Sandi Calhoun - Santa Fe, NM

"I have been amazed at the comfort level of this mattress.  Previously I had the organic cotton Cloud mattress that I was very happy with.  So I was amazed to see how the Utopia mattress supports and embraces my body for what feels like the ultimate in comfort."

          Elizabeth L. - Fairfax, CA

"I've been sleeping safe and sound in one of your all natural beds, surrounded by the warm comforts of organic cotton sheets, pillows and a wool comforter for 2 years now. I count my blessings every night - I feel so much better. We all deserve to take this good care of ourselves. I used to wonder how I could make people and earth-sustaining product choices...now I know I can't afford not to. Thanks for helping me experience better living. God Bless you and Earthsake. Sincerely,"

          Florence Schneider - Marin, CA (Yoga and Healing Teacher)

"Since using my pillow from Earthsake I have woken up each morning with a clear head"

          Georgia Turzynski (Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist)

"Our experience of the Harmony Mattress is one of luxurious comfort. There is an incredible feeling of suspension and support...we sleep better and wake up feeling well rested and rejuvinated. It's like sleeping on a cloud!"

          Jill and Lonner Holden (Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioners)


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5 Star Rating Review      Marcey S.  - Richmond, CA
I purchased the Earthsake Harmony mattress (an encased coil mattress) over 12 years ago. I have been delighted with it ever since. It is a really wonderful, comfortable, perfectly supportive bed. I sleep really well on it and am so happy to have a mattress without toxic flame retardants or chemicals. Even house sitters who have slept in it have thought it was dreamy. Even after twelve years it remains perfectly comfortable, the coils still springy, and I am sure it will last me many more years. The purchase of a top quality organic mattress was on the expensive side, but so very worth while for a place that I spend 1/3 of my time.
5 Star Rating Review      Organic  G.  - Sonoma, CA.
A local farmers market for mattresses? pillows? comforters? sheets and stuff? Yep! My Earthsake mattress is the best mattress ever and I added one of their toppers and a comforter for my farm fresh cozy comfort.  It's seriously the best sleeping I've ever had, n I like my zzzz's.
4 Star Rating Review      Dirt R.  - Green Cove Springs, FL. 
They strive to deliver organic, local and high quality bedding and bath products at fair prices.  Mattresses that are fair trade, organic, including local contents and assembly are their specialty. If you have shopped around for such a mattress or sheets, no they are not cheap! But, think, you spend 8 hours of your night on one sleeping and playing. Useful life, a good night's sleep, and the experience over years and years is worth it to me. Hey man, it ain't China-made Kmart crap...
5 Star Rating Review   Katy B. 
I also saw online the two-six week turnaround because they are custom made, but decided to give a call and rely on my 10 years of hard-labor-in-retail karma, when I often called all the nearby stores to find the last of something-or-other for my customers.  Oooooooooooooooooooh yeah did my call pay off---thank you Earthsake!
5 Star Rating Review   Deborah N.  - Berkeley, CA
LOVE THIS STORE! Have been shopping here for years! Always great service, friendly helpful staff and wonderful, interesting, classy things, gorgeous bed linens, great gifts and baby items. It is one of my go to places on 4th Street.
5 Star Rating Review   Angelina G.  - Piedmont, CA
The quality of everything I have purchased over the last decade has been outstanding and long lasting. Occasionally, I'll stroll through the Berkeley location just to see what's new in the natural and organic world of comfort. I'm never disappointed.  Final note, like another reviewer I experienced a price and delivery snafu and the management worked everything out considerably in my favor. They earned a customer for life.
5 Star Rating Review    L. Johnston  - Napa, CA
The best mattress I have ever owned and the best experience shopping for it. Thank you Earthsake.
5 Star Rating Review    Stephanie P.
A lot of these items will seem like luxury items at first, but after you snuggle up under your wool duvet/organic cotton duvet cover and/or lay your head on a clean latex or wool pillow and have the best nights' sleeps EVER you realize you've just wisely invested in yourself. I've purchased all of the above here.
5 Star Rating Review    Andrew Elias   - San Francisco, CA
From the moment I walked in the door, after having been to other bedding shops, I was met by staff who showed the right balance of concern and spaciousness. No one hovered over me, nor was I neglected, and every question I had was answered with clarity. I went off to two other shops, came back, and was met with the same level of attention. The mattress that I purchased was delivered within the time-frame I was given, which was long if you expect something to come that week: 4 to 6 weeks. But the wait was well worth it - the mattress is so comfortable, as are the new sheets and topper. I intend to go back again for more sheets and pillows.
5 Star Rating Review      Bri S.  - Richmond, CA
Love this place so much! They have a ton of little stuff from here like pillows, sheets, Zents concreta, lotions, some Yala wear (which is amazing bamboo clothing) also my go-to place for all gifts! They have a great selection of items and a really nice price point ranging from dollar pins to thousand dollar bedding/furniture, but all in all the staff is sweet and honest also very product knowledgeable for those big items like there exquisite mattresses and natural bedding. Even better that they try to incorporate local vendors as much as possible!
4 Star Rating Review      Mena B.  - Louisville, KY
I dealt with Earthsake from San Diego and they were very responsive and informative. Their products are top of the line and their prices competitive.  For being in the business of green products, they also seem to embody the same type of integrity with people.   I will be doing business with them repeatedly, even if I am in San Diego.
5 Star Rating Review      Sagruilla P.  - Berkeley, CA
This is a lovely store with high-quality products that are gentle on the greater environment and the environment within your home.  Earthsake is where you can find bedding, robes, towels, and pajamas--all of the softest materials and classic designs. This is the place to go for creating a beautiful space in your room in preparation for bringing home a newborn, or for when you want to create a spa-like setting in your bathroom, or for when you want to have something of excellent quality to treat yourself and your home.

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