A Better Night's Sleep

Trouble Sleeping?

One of every two people experiences substantial sleeplessness at some point in his or her life; currently over forty million Americans suffer from sleep disorders that have been classified as debilitating. Besides the victims of these serious sleep ailments—which include apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy—an additional 60 million people are affected more than once a week by lesser problems with sleep.

Besides decreasing productivity and introducing an array of safety issues, a lack of sleep causes memory and mood problems and may affect immune function as well. The economic toll on society includes $42 million in hospital bills for apnea alone, while sleep disorders in general add an additional $15.9 billion to the health care bill. What's worse, we're only seeing more cases with each new year.

Many of Earthsake's customers experience relief from their sleep disorders because they derive more comfort from the benefits of our PureGrow Wool™ and other natural ingredients. Check out our section The Benefits of Natural Ingredients, and The Natural Bedroom to learn how the benefits of natural ingredients can promote better sleep for you.

New studies show that organic bedding actually improves your sleep simply because it does not contain synthetic chemicals found in most mattresses and bedding products. This is no surprise to the organic industry but for most consumers its another reason to "go Green" knowing comfort alone is not the answer to a good nights sleep. An organic, chemical-free sleeping environment helps tremendously in getting healthy rest.

Even chronic allergy sufferers reported a substantial decrease and in some cases a total elimination of night-time allergy symptoms. Take Jonathan Burke for example:

"I dont know what I was allergic to in my last bed but now that I have an organic mattress, pillows and sheets I'm not awake at night sneezing or sniffling even during peak allergy seasons. I was totally surprised since I always thought it was something in the air that I couldn't control. Turns out I could."

Jonathan bought an Earthsake mattress in Berkeley CA and says his allergy suffering has all but disappeared - after years of dealing with them. He says he doesn't even know when allergy season is anymore and the impact on his life has been significant.

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