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Organic, Pure & Local - The earthSake mattress
The #1 Best Organic Mattress in the World made in the USA with local organic ingredients.
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"Over a thousand 5 star rating reviews and counting... it wasn't even close - the earthSake mattress was voted the #1 Best Organic Mattress in the World..."  earthSake Mattress Ratings & Reviews  


The earthSake mattress was the first and is the best organic mattress made with local organic ingredients. We did it right the first time, in 1990, before "organic" was a certified thing and "green" was just a color.  We continue to do it right today.  We were the first to use organic natural fibers and no chemical fire retardants in our mattresses & bedding products.  The first - and still the best because we keep things local -with American organic farmers and free range ranchers.   Local made & grown is the key to the earthSake way.   The earthSake mattress comes in three styles with choices you customize yourself using organic, pure & local ingredients.   

And for those of you that want a modern day easy-to-ship-n-try mattress style: the earthSake "breEZe" mattress ships for free directly to your doorstep via UPS.  It comes to you in a compact Box with a 100 night free-trial and hassle-free returns - just like those other fellas do - but we do it with organic, pure & local ingredients.

Strictly Vegan? You can choose any mattress be made without wool - simply enter your request into the special comments section of your order.  The earthSake Vegan mattress is available for the strictest of Vegans and our wool is replaced with an entirely plant-based fire retardant for fire safety regulations.  
Any mattress - at your request. 
Please note however that using our Pure&Local wool for fire safety helps sustain the long life of our free-range sheep grazing on open organic lands.  It promotes the local organic farmers and shepherds that raise these sheep and care for them throughout their lives.  Pure&Local sheep live and roam free and are beyond organic.  They are also certified by American Humane.  There are literally hundreds of natural and environmental benefits to sustaining our sheep and allowing nature to control and sustain our lands.  We use Pure&Local wool to live in harmony with nature using the natural and sustainable byproducts of the earth itself while supporting the long lives of local sheep and those raising them on free range organic lands.  Our sheep are good for the lands they roam
Either way - we respect the choices of our customers and can customize the mattress however you wish.
earthSake Mattress - Quilted
earthSake Mattress - Tufted

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