Menopause and Wool

Menopause and Wool

Over 40 million American women are currently menopausal, with the beginnings of the baby boomer generation soon to be affected. Centuries ago, when the average life expectancy was significantly lower, menopause was a far less common problem. Today, however, there are a variety of menopausal affects being felt.

The most commonly experienced symptom of menopause is hot flashes. These surges of heat throughout the body, followed by excessive sweating and often shivering, affect 60-75 percent of women. Most experience the hot flashes for about a year, although 25-50 percent will get flashes for several years more.

Perhaps the worst thing about this unavoidable occurrence is the way one is wholly affected. In addition to the surprising flashes of heat during the day, excessive sweating can dramatically disturb one's sleep. Having to change sleepwear in the middle of the night is not unheard of. Sleep is our down time from a hard day, and a rejuvenation for the one ahead. A good night's rest is so important.

Even if hot flashes cannot be instantly cured, one can at least still sleep through the night. One solution is wool. Because of its fibers' natural ability to quickly and efficiently wick away sweat, wool will allow for healthy, dry, comfortable warmth all evening long. (See Earthsake Natural Bedroom Products)

The average person gives off a pint of water vapor during an eight-hour sleep period, menopausal women even more than that. If your mattress doesn't properly absorb the moisture, a high humidity level under the blanket will raise heart rate and blood pressure levels. You will toss, turn, or fully awaken. If your mattress ever feels damp or clammy when you wake up, most likely it is made from materials other than wool. Only wool, with the porous nature of its cells, can effectively handle a body's moisture all night long. It can, in fact, absorb up to 30% of its own weight without showing signs of dampness. During the day moisture is released back into the air.

Tests conducted at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales—featuring wool versus synthetic fibers—revealed that the heart rate under the wool-filled comforter was significantly lower 100% of the time. Furthermore, the humidity next to the skin was shown to be significantly lower 71% of the time under a wool comforter. In addition to our wool mattresses, the Earthsake Natural Bedroom carries a wool comforter, wool pillows and a wool mattress pad to cover your existing mattress.

Wool is a healthier way to sleep...check out our testimonials to see how our Natural Bedroom products have helped give relief to menopausal symptoms.

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