Organic Cotton from earthSake

Why Use Cotton?

Cotton is the most universally comfortable, breathable and softest of all the fibers, natural or manmade. For many years, cotton batting has been the mattress filler of choice where available, the world over. When used in a mattress, the cotton becomes denser to provide a firm, supportive sleeping surface, which does not bottom out to the hardness of the underlying surface. Cotton provides the ideal density for a sleeping surface. Cotton also breathes - so your skin can breathe.

Why choose Organic Cotton?

We chose to craft our mattresses with organic cotton  because conventional cotton is grown with the use of pesticides. Organic cotton is not - it contains no pesticides or chemicals.  Your skin naturally absorbs what it comes in contact with, so the healthier the fiber, the healthier your sleep.  It's also better for the planet we live on (in a multitude of ways).   And for earthSake we go one step further by sourcing our organic cotton in the USA.   Learn more about it here - LOCAL Organic Cotton.

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