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Frequently Asked Questions about most other mattresses & bedding: 

Why is my mattress damp with sweat when I wake up?
If your mattress feels that way, most likely your bedding is made from materials other than wool.  Synthetic mattresses are extremely ineffective when it comes to wicking moisture away from our bodies.   Moisture control is one of the most important qualities of wool. Our bodies give off up to 1 pint of water vapor as perspiration during our night's sleep, and wool quickly and efficiently wicks it away. earthSake's natural wool fibers are very absorbent, so your mattress will not feel damp or clammy when you wake up. 

Why do I sometimes feel sore or achy when I wake up?
Body soreness can often be caused by uneven pressure points in your mattress. Because mattresses compress and shape over time, it is not uncommon for uncomfortable points or ridges to emerge. In addition to this, the height or firmness of your pillow could also be a problem. Sleeping is really a custom job, and it's important to have a pillow suited to your body and sleeping style. If your mattress has become a problem, consider purchasing one of Earthsake's Natural Mattresses... or our Natural Bedroom mattress pad utilizing PureGrow Wool(TM) is a great solution.

It seems like I'm sleeping ok at night. Why am I tired during the day?
The most restful period of sleep is sub-REM sleep, the time prior to rapid eye movement. If is very important for deep-tissue relaxation and overall rejuvenation; without it, you'll find yourself tossing and turning more. The end result will be fatigue the next day. Inadequate sub-REM sleep is most often caused by high humidity or heat underneath the covers. If either of these levels is too high, heart rate and blood pressure rise, resulting in shallow sleep. Wool comforters and wool mattress pads, with their superior ability to handle excess moisture and heat can help you achieve a more restful sleep.

Has your mattress become lumpy, or formed to your body's shape?
Mattresses wear out, due to sagging springs, flattened filling and most of all, use over time. After sleeping on your mattress for a few years, it will often begin to conform to the shape of your body. This might sound desirable, but actually it is quite the opposite. Ridges develop, limiting the area on your bed in which you can comfortably sleep. Partners will be separated by a sizeable ridge in the middle of the bed, reputed to be an extremely negative development in the teachings of Feng Shui. Earthsake mattresses utilize a heavy-duty coiled innerspring and layered filling to keep pressure points from developing. They are handmade with superior craftsmanship to ensure against premature lumps or ridges, and our phenomenal latex mattress serves you ergonomically as well. We guarantee you won't find healthier, sturdier, more comfortable mattresses anywhere. Our mattresses are warranted for a minimum of 10 years.

Is there a reason some parts of my body are too hot or cold during sleep?
This is most likely due to your comforter. Over time, and not too much time at that, down will clump and fill different areas of your comforter unevenly. As a result of the uneven distribution of down, certain parts of your body receive less insulation than others. Heat will be concentrated in some areas, while warmth will be utterly lacking in others. A wool comforter, due to its felted, layered construction will always heat evenly. Furthermore, it has excellent temperature control properties, stemming from its breathability and high moisture absorbency.

Could something in my bedding be aggravating my allergies?
Many people are not aware of the number of dust mites that often cohabitate with us. Dust mites are fond of dark, damp places, where they are likely to lay their eggs. Because of the poor moisture regulating properties of down and synthetics, they are a haven for those tiny pests. The microscopic feces of the mite are most often the allergy triggers. Wool comforters and mattress pads wick away moisture and allow it to evaporate quickly. If you are using wool bedding, the incidence of dust mites is greatly reduced. Also, if you sleep on anything down, over time, the down feathers will break down and the quills will continually give off a dust like substance, a product of the decomposition. This can contribute to a stuffy or congested feeling.

When you wake up is your neck in uncomfortable or stiffening positions?
At one time or another everyone has experienced waking up with a stiff neck. "How did I allow myself to sleep like that?" we often wonder. People sleep in different positions, and thus one pillow cannot serve every person's sleep style. That is why Earthsake offers many different pillow options to assist your neck in resting comfortably. Some sleepers may need the Neck Roll, while others could benefit from the ergonomic wonder of Swedish Tempur-Pedic memory foam pillows. Additionally, the Earthsake Natural Bedroom offers wool sleep pillows in three different fill levels — lite, regular and extra-fill in a standard sleep pillow.

Why do I sometimes wake up clammy?
Initially, when lying down for our nights sleep, we relish the warming properties of our comforter. Unfortunately, during the night, the area underneath the covers will often become uncomfortably warm. Due to the deficiencies in the breathability of down and synthetic fillers, our bodies can become overheated during sleep. We sweat to cool ourselves, but down and synthetics handle moisture inefficiently. Our body's natural reaction to this hot, damp environment is to kick off some of the covers in an attempt to quickly cool down. The shock in temperature will often cause us to wake up feeling clammy. Try a wool comforter as a solution to this problem: wool is valued both for its ability to regulate body temperature (keeping you warm In the winter and cool in the summer) and for its high absorbency, keeping you dry throughout the night.

Are there sleeping products to help relieve my menopausal symptoms at night?
The most commonly experienced symptom of menopause is hot flashes. These surges of heat throughout the body, followed by excessive sweating and often shivering, affect 60-75 percent of women going through menopause. Perhaps the worst thing about this unavoidable occurrence is the way one is wholly affected. In addition to the surprising flashes of heat during the day, excessive sweating can dramatically disturb one's sleep. Having to change sleepwear in the middle of the night is not unheard of. Sleep is our down time from a hard day, and a rejuvenation for the one ahead. A good night's rest is so important. Even if hot flashes cannot be instantly cured, one can at least still sleep through the night. One solution is wool. Because of its fibers' natural ability to quickly and efficiently wick away sweat, wool will allow for healthy, dry, comfortable warmth all evening long. For more information on sleeping sounder or healthier, please visit the section on The Benefits of Natural Ingredients.

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