Pure Botanical Organic Latex

Why sleep on earthSake Latex?

We're very happy to offer 100% pure organic latex certified to 4 organic purity and safety standards: one of the most ergonomically sound of all mattress materials.  Our latex (botanical natural foam derived from the hevea brasiliensis rubber tree) innately adjusts to the contours of your body, providing gentle orthopedic support for proper spinal alignment. In addition, our latex foam reduces pressure areas and helps prevent restricted capillary blood flow, which can cause muscle aches, tossing and turning, and other sleep-related discomforts. And it's extraordinarily resilient! The Earthsake Natural Bedroom latex mattress never needs to be turned or flipped. It is three to four times as durable as synthetic latex or polyurethane foams, and it holds its shape beautifully.

Adhering to our philosophy, the 100% natural latex used in our mattresses and bedding is also healthy & beyond organic:  It meets four levels of certification. The natural foam latex contains no toxic substances, and emits neither fumes nor ozone-depleting gases. It is naturally mold and mildew resistant, and provides a most unfavorable environment for pesky dust mites. All in all, due to its hypoallergenic nature, latex is the perfect mattress material for allergy sufferers. We're very proud of the supportive comfort and benefits our latex mattresses offer. Try one out at any of our stores—you'll see why!

Earthsake Natural Latex mattresses use only 100% Pure Natural Botanical Latex with NO petro-chemicals or additives. They are 100% botanical. Unlike blended latex or memory foam, our latex is manufactured instead with thousands of tiny vent holes and only air is whipped into the liquid latex before baking it into a mattress core. The vent holes and latex density in the air-whipped foam create the breathability and elasticity desired to conform to your body. The Solstice, Serenity, & Bliss Mattresses have been custom designed by our sleep experts for the best possible latex mattress sleep settings in order to match a variety of sleep styles and individual comfort needs. The Utopia Mattress can be customized by you- using 3 inch layers of natural botanical latex manufactured in a multitude of firmness/softness levels (based on various air-whipped foam densities) so you can truly customize a mattress to fit your specific comfort level.  And for those of you that want a modern day easy-to-ship-n-try mattress style: the earthSake "breEZe" mattress automatically adjusts to your body and it ships for free directly to your doorstep via UPS.  It comes to you in a compact Box with a 100 night free-trial and free returns - just like those other fellas do - but we do it with organic, pure & local ingredients.  So when considering a latex or foam or rubber mattress you should always ask if the rubber, latex or foam is 100% natural and pure containing no chemical additives (whatever they are). No additives are necessary with Earthsake Natural Latex mattresses.

Memory Foams always contain petrochemicals and are not breathable as they surround your body at night creating a body impression. These body impressions can become annoying if you try to move in your sleep and they are a bit smothering when it comes to body temperature. With our 100% natural botanical latex mattresses - you get breathable comfort and elasticity the all natural way - with no additives. With our natural latex options - why even consider other latex mattresses or foams containing synthetic toxic additives?

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