EVA Shower Curtain Liner

EVA Shower Curtain Liner - available in Clear or Frosted White.

Brighten up your shower and bathroom décor with either a clear PEVA shower liner made in the USA or a softer EVA Liner (in Clear or Frosted White) made in China.

The 9 Gauge Clear PEVA shower curtain liner (made in the USA) is more durable and priced at $28 versus the softer 5.5 Gauge Clear or Frosted White EVA shower curtain liner made in China currently priced at $19.95.
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Good US-made product 12/27/2023
By A T
This shower curtain liner works well. Its plain, clear design matches any shower curtain. It appears durable, yet flexible enough to hang smoothly. It is easy to clean and odorless, which is often the problem with imported liners. Overall, it has been a pleasant shopping experience from Earthsake.
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EVA Shower Curtain Liner Description

These shower curtain liners are made with EVA - a chlorine-free, green alternative to PVC vinyl. Frosted for a more elegant look, yet it still has the convenience and durability of vinyl. Mold & mildew resistant, allergen-free, chlorine-free, odorless, and bio-degradable.

Brighten up your shower and bathroom décor with either a clear PEVA shower liner made in the USA or a softer EVA Liner (in Clear or Frosted White) made in China.  Both are made with 100% EVA, an eco-friendly & chlorine-free material,  entirely mold & mildew resistant, and a choice to have a stylish frosted finish on it worthy of display as a shower curtain.

EVA Shower Curtain/Liners are constructed entirely with 100% EVA - an environmentally friendly and chlorine-free material. Hangs from durable, rust resistant metal grommets. Waterproof, mold and mildew resistant to minimize cleaning & maintenance. Wipes clean with a damp cloth for quick and simple cleaning.

Colors: Available in Frosted White or Clear (Made in China) or Durable Clear PEVA (Made in the USA)  - the perfect accent for any shower curtain.

Size: 72" x 72" standard - which accommodates most standard size tubs & showers.

Great for accenting a designer shower curtain and adding an eco-friendly element to your bathroom décor. Match this liner with our Organic Waffle Shower Curtain or our solid Organic Cotton Shower Curtain.   If you'd like a pattern on your shower curtain you can match this with our Pebblz EVA Shower Curtain which has a soft, understated pebble pattern to bring a bit of nature into the bathroom with you.

As of yet we have been unable to find soft frosted EVA shower curtain liners made in the USA - only the durable 9 Gauge Clear PEVA liners that are still PVC free and eco-friendly but a little thicker than the frosted EVA liners we carry.   If you know of (or have) a softer (lower gauge) EVA liner that is made in the USA  please let us know.   We are always looking for products made in the USA.   We carry the soft frosted & clear liners made outside the USA because we can not find any made here.   As always, please let us know if you find any.


Don't forget to add the matching Designer Shower Curtain Hooks:  

Easy to Install
Unique design significantly reduces the time and effort needed to hang a shower curtain or liner.  Simply push the spring-loaded gates onto the shower rod and liner to attach.

Other Features
The hooks have metal frames and rollers, allowing them to glide with ease.  Each set comes with 12 hooks and are available in polished gold and polished chrome. 

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