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The Benefits of Natural Ingredients

The way we feel and perform each day is very much affected by the quality of sleep we experience at night. Because we spend one-third of our lives in bed, it's crucial to get the most out of that time we are at rest. We must sleep well.

Universally, a great night's sleep comes down to one thing: comfort. If you're not comfortable, your sleep suffers. If your sleep suffers, you and your daily performance suffer to varying degrees. At Earthsake we recognize the importance of comfort in a great night's sleep, yet also understand that there are other necessary ingredients. Comfort must extend beyond physical contentment, to include a healthy sleeping environment as well. With The Earthsake Natural Bedroom, we provide the ultimate in sleep enhancement—natural comfort.

Many people can provide you with comfort, and to an extent the commercial mattress and bedding companies do it well. However, while they are competent in this respect, they are negligent when it comes to your health. What you don't see, as you and your children rest peacefully, are the toxins that are continually being admitted into your body.

Pores open at night, and your skin naturally absorbs what it comes in contact with. Because of the commercial mattress and bedding makers' reliance on synthetic materials, your family's health is at risk. Plastics, foams and polyesters—used heavily by these companies—emit toxic gasses that you inhale throughout the night. Commercially produced cotton is saturated in pesticides and contributes to your nightly dose of chemicals as well. Dust mites thrive under the moist conditions of these non-wool mattresses, and their microscopic feces are one of the most prevalent sources of allergies. Although your mattress may feel comfortable, your health is being jeopardized by the shortcuts these companies take.

Because you spend more time in the bedroom than anywhere else—approximately 122 days per year—it's important that you have the most comfortable and the healthiest bedding. And that's where we come in. In The Earthsake Natural Bedroom, you'll find well designed and health-conscious products lovingly crafted to provide you with the best sleep anywhere.

At Earthsake, we're dedicated to helping you achieve a state of overall well being. In regards to sleep, our vision encompasses both maximum comfort and sound health. With The Earthsake Natural Bedroom, by reaping the numerous benefits of Sonoma PureGrow Wool™, Organic Cotton, and Latex, you'll experience deeper, more satisfying sleep than ever before. Furthermore, you'll sleep well knowing you've surrounded your family with all-natural, chemical-free materials.

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