The Body Pillow

The Body Pillow
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The Body Pillow
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Perfect size!
9-30-2019: Perfect size!
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The Body Pillow Description

There’ll be no tossing and turning from this bedfellow.

It’s the most accommodating sleeping partner you’ll ever have. There are no knobby knees to negotiate around, no pointy elbows to avoid, and you can breath a sigh of relief—it doesn’t snore, either. It’s the ergonomically beneficial, emotionally stabilizing, environmentally friendly, full length Veggie Bean Body Pillow. Ideal for pregnant women, people with back pain, or anyone looking for a more refreshing night’s sleep, the Veggie Bean is designed to gently support and cushion your body’s unique contours. Its 5 ½ foot pure unbleached cotton shell is filled with all natural Kapok—a strong, silk-like fiber from the fruit of the ceiba tree—and features a hidden zippered opening allowing you to customize the amount of fill in your Bean. Made in the USA!

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The Body Pillow, 5.5', Ecru
The Body Pillow Cover 5.5', Ecru

The Body Pillow, small, 4.5', Ecru
The Body Pillow Cover, small 4.5', Ecru


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