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"No-Tip" Blocks / Cubes Description

Join the Furniture Revolution... The newest and most versatile addition to the CTC family. Our new No-Tip Blocks & Tall Blocks are made with durable EPS Foam and are designed to evenly distribute weight for maximum comfort and support. The simple cube design allow them to be stacked for inventive decorative combinations. Plus, they are slip-covered in a wide variety so they can be matched to any taste or setting.

In addition, we've created a Tray accessory for the Block that transforms it into a stylish table. This metal tray fits securely on top to provide a sturdy surface for objects...or the perfect place to eat in front of the TV. The tray can also be placed under the block to store it...or to give it a more sturdy look. The tray is sold separately and is available in 3 colors.
Standard size is 17"x17"x17".
Tall size is 17"x17"x24"

Four Fabric Grades Available!  - Click on the links below to see colors

Grade A Fabric Swatches

Grade B Fabric Swatches

Grade C Fabric Swatches

Grade D Fabric Swatches  

Then come back to this page and use "Pull-Down" menus below to choose your fabric color!

Fabric and colors are priced according to fabric grades A-D.  Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery, 20% restocking fee applies.

Item / Options Select Qty
"No-Tip" Block - Fabric Grade A

$160.00 $139.00 Web Special
"No-Tip" Block - Fabric Grade B

$170.00 $149.00 Web Special
"No-Tip" Block - Fabric Grade C

$180.00 $159.00 Web Special
"No-Tip" Block - Fabric Grade D

$190.00 $169.00 Web Special
"No-Tip" Block - Tray

$80.00 $65.00 Web Special
"No-Tip" Block/Cube UPS Delivery - each


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