The Hemp - Organic Mattress by earthSake

The Hemp Mattress from earthSake is a 100% Pure Hemp mattress made with or without wool.  Simply make your choice below.  The Vegan Hemp mattress uses no wool.   

That's right - a Hemp Mattress from earthSake made with hemp instead of cotton. Let one of nature’s finest fibers lull you to sleep. Hemp is naturally mold & mildew resistant which makes this mattress very popular in humid climates. The Hemp we use is pure and not treated with pesticides, bleaches, dyes or any other unnatural treatments.  It is organic by nature.  Hemp is three times stronger than cotton which makes it ideal bedding material. The inside of our Hemp mattress is layered with hemp batting.

Our Hemp Mattress not only uses Hemp on the inside but on the outside too. Its hand-tufted to an outer Hemp fabric mattress cover. With 100% Hemp inside and out, our fully-loaded Hemp matresses feel more dense & solid than other innerspring mattresses and are available in three firmness levels. Constructed with a heavy duty innerspring that utilizes different coil gauges to give your body the proper balance and support -Available in Firm (312 coil ct), Extra Firm (510 coil ct), and Super Firm (1,000 coil ct).

The Earthsake Hemp mattress uses only nature’s finest Hemp to bring you healthy sleep and remarkable luxury. We recommend using this mattress with its matching Hemp Boxspring - and its even better in combination with one of our all natural mattress pads or toppers.


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The Hemp - Organic Mattress by earthSake Description

The Hemp mattress is made with 100% pure hemp & wool.  The Vegan Hemp Mattress is made with 100% pure hemp and no wool.  The Vegan mattress is layered in Hemp and treated with non-toxic white powder (similar to baking soda and less than 1/10th of 1% of the mattress) required by law to make it fire safe.  Only the Vegan mattress does this because no wool can be used for a Vegan mattress.  If you prefer not to have the white sodium powder used inside the mattress for fire safety we use a small amount of pure&local free-range wool inside instead - just choose the non-vegan option.   Either way, the small amount of interior wool or fire-retardant is negligible, non-toxic, & safe.   The inner core is then wrapped with 100% pure Hemp. These layers are tufted to a cover of all natural 100% Hemp fiber (unbleached, undyed) on the outside. Hemp uses no pesticides, and is naturally mold and mildew resistant - its organic by nature!

• Two-sided mattress (can be flipped & turned)
• 100% Made in the USA
• 100% Hemp inside and out
• Construction hand-tufted to a 100% natural Hemp cover
• Naturally resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites
• No pesticides or chemicals are ever used to grow our Hemp. Just sunshine and water!
• 100% Sustainable Crop.
• Firm, dense and durable fiber resistant to abrasion.
• Derived from the completely legal and natural bark fibers of Cannabis Sativa L (Industrial Hemp)- which has no illicit use or psychoactive chemical properties.
• Heat-treated heavy-duty orthopedic innerspring unit available in three firmness levels.

8" high mattress - Sizes: Twin (38x75”), Twin-X Long (38x80”), Full (54x75”), Queen (60x80”), Dual-King (76x80”), and CA King (72x84”).
Firmness Options: Firm (312 coil ct), Extra Firm (510 coil ct), and Super Firm (1,000 coil ct).
8'' high matching Hemp box spring - Sizes: Twin through CA King.

We highly recommend adding any of our earthSake organic mattress pads or toppers to protect the mattress or create a firmness/softness level you most desire.

Please note:
 The $11 "California Recycle Fee" is now required by law for each new mattress and boxspring/foundation unit sold in California.  It is used to fund the Used Mattress Recycling & Recovery program.  This program was designed by the State of California to keep used mattresses out of our landfills and recycled into other useful products instead. For more information visit:

The Earthsake Tufted Hemp mattress is constructed to be used with its matching Hemp boxspring and there are noticeable differences when used with any other foundation. We also highly recommend using any of our mattress pads or toppers. to create a firmness/softness level you most desire.

The Hemp - Organic Mattress by earthSake Care

 Protect your mattress with one of our natural options:

• Pure Grow wool puddle pad

• Organic cotton flannel mattress protector

• Organic cotton jersey waterproof mattress protector

Additional Care: 

Alternate turning mattress from end to end and flipping mattress side to side every 2 weeks for the first 2 months. Turn once every 4-6 months thereafter.

Vacuum and Air – vacuum and/or air regularly which helps the natural fibers breathe.

Stains – Are best removed by simple spot cleaning. Apply a solution of 1:3 parts white distilled vinegar and water (you may also use a natural detergent to spot clean). Spray the solution on the spot, then allow to dry completely. If possible, moving the mattress into the sun to dry is most advantageous.

To insure proper ventilation always support mattress/foundation with a proper support system. Ideal support systems are boxsprings or slat systems. If you are placing mattress on plywood or solid surface, it is advisable that the surface be perforated for proper airflow. King/CA-King size bed-frames should have a center support system. Do not place mattress or foundation directly on the floor or on/in damp locations. 

Do not use the handles when flipping or lifting mattress – handles are designed to guide the mattress into place after flipping. They cannot support the mattress’s weight and will detach if you try to lift the mattress with them. 

The Hemp - Organic Mattress by earthSake Health

Hemp is naturally mold and mildew resistant which makes this mattress very popular in humid climates. The Hemp we use is pure and not treated with bleaches, dyes or other unnatural treatments. Its Organic by nature because it requires no pesticide or chemical treatments of any kind.


Vegan?  We can make the mattress without the small amount of wool inside and instead use a non-toxic sodium powder for fire-safety.  The powder is less than 1/10th of 1% of the mattress or .001 - but required for fire-safety when wool is not used inside the mattress.  Don't want the wool or the powder?  Then simply use this form to provide us with a Doctor Prescription for a mattress with no wool or fire retardant of any kind.  As always we make the mattress how YOU want it. 

The Hemp - Organic Mattress by earthSake Earth

Hemp comes from the same source as marijuana, but marijuana it is not. Hemp comes from the part of the cannibis sativa plant that does not generate a natural high - unless you count the happiness you'll feel when sleeping on this all natural pesticide-free mattress. Because unlike standard cotton Hemp grows well without herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides. Hemp fiber is also longer, stronger, more absorbent and more insulative than cotton fiber.  

In the Non-Vegan version we use a small amount of 100% Pure & Local wool from free-range happy sheep that are never harmed or killed for their wool.   The Vegan version is available for the strictest of Vegans and the wool is replaced with a sodium powder for fire safety regulations.   Just let us know if you want the Vegan or Non-Vegan Hemp mattress and we will do that for you.  
Using our Pure&Local wool helps sustain the long life of our free-range sheep grazing on open organic lands and it promotes the local organic farmers and shepherds that raise these sheep and care for them throughout their lives.  They live and roam free and are beyond organic. They are also certified by American Humane.  There are literally hundreds of natural and environmental benefits to sustaining our sheep and allowing nature to control and sustain our lands.  We use Pure&Local wool to live in harmony with nature using the natural and sustainable byproducts of the earth itself while supporting the long lives of local sheep and those raising them on free range organic lands.
Either way - we respect the choices of our customers and can customize the mattress however you wish.

The $11 "California Recycle Fee" is now required by law for each new mattress and boxspring/foundation unit sold to fund the Mattress Recycling & Recovery program.  This program was designed to keep used mattresses out of our landfills and recycled into other useful products instead. 

The Hemp - Organic Mattress by earthSake Shipping/Delivery

Earthsake offers 2 options (Silver or Gold) for your mattress home delivery within the continental US. We also offer a Berkeley pick-up service at our warehouse in Berkeley, CA. "LOCAL" Delivery service is within 50 miles of Berkeley, CA.  Choose the service that best fits your needs.  Delivery rates are based on mattress size and service level.
• "Silver Service" is a 2-person delivery, inside the threshold, stair carries (up to two (2) flights prior to the threshold).
• "Gold Service" includes inside placement, two flights of stairs, unpacking, debris removal, and mattress set-up.
• Extra Services: 
• Additional stair carry is charged at a rate of $3 per step or $30 per floor, whichever is more. 
• A Non-Standard Delivery/Pick-up Charge starting at $60 will apply whenever a delivery/pick-up outside the "Normal Business Hours" is requested: Normal Business Hours are Mon-Fri, excluding national and state holidays, between the hours of 8am and 5pm.
• Saturday or Sunday delivery/pick-up rates available by quote - call us to inquire.
• Mattress storage is free for the first 10 days. Mattress storage is $10 per item per day beginning on the 11th day. 
• Mattress & boxspring/foundation delivery charges are not subject to any coupons or discounts. 
• Removal of an old mattress or mattress set available by quote - call us to inquire.
• Additional rates and surcharges may apply depending on service area and fees levied by the freight carrier for delivery. 
• Call 877.268.1026 for special rate quotes, requests or deliveries outside of the continental US.

Custom made to order - Allow 2-4 weeks for production then 2 weeks for delivery. You can call us to inquire about an ETA for your order. After your items are produced you will be contacted to schedule a date and time for your home delivery or pick-up.  

The $11 "California Recycle Fee" is now required by law for each mattress and boxspring/foundation piece to fund the Mattress Recycling & Recovery program.

The Hemp - Organic Mattress by earthSake Warranty/Exchanges

This is an Earthsake Mattress. You wont find the Earthsake Solstice mattress anywhere else - so accept no imitations. It says Earthsake on the outside so you know you can trust whats on the inside! Our label only goes on the best local, organic ingredients harvested and transformed into wonderful mattresses, pads & toppers, pillows & comforters - all custom-made in the USA for Earthsake!

All mattresses come with a standard 20-year mattress manufacturers warranty covering any manufacturing defects. They are also insured to cover any damages caused during a home delivery. Once signed by the receiving party, the responsibility of proper care is yours. 

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage

¨     Merchandise sold “as is”  or earthsake floor models

¨     Firmness preference (please ask about our exclusive one-time 90 day comfort exchange policy) 

¨     Allergies or sensitivity to materials used

¨     Mold/Mildew occurrences

¨     Handles    

In accordance with health code laws, mattresses & boxsprings/foundations are non-returnable & non-refundable. 


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The Hemp Mattress by earthSake

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