Kobo Soy Candles


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Kobo Soy Candles Description

Kobo Candles are the most sought-after soy candles on the market! 

KOBO candles are made from 100% domestically grown soy wax, with cotton wicks. These collections offer the most gorgeous blends of complex scents that will tantalize and soothe your senses. Stunning packaging including wood matches and a lid - truly a perfect gift!

Each candle below burns for up to 80 hours!

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Kobo Soy Candle - Ginger Frizzante
Kobo Soy Candle - D'anjou Lychee - quince, jasmine, lychee
Kobo Soy Candle - Green Pearl Jasmine - fresh grass, acacia, jasmine
Kobo Soy Candle - Portuguese Olive Blossom - hyacinth, eucalyptus, olive, lavender
Kobo Soy Candle - Vetiver & Shaved Vanilla - vetiver, golden amber, vanilla
Kobo Soy Candle - White Birch Rosemary - cedar, birch, sage, rosemary
Kobo Soy Candles - earthsake Collection - Set of 6 candles - Ginger Frizzante, D'anjou Lychee, Green Pearl Jasmine, Olive Blossom, Vetiver Shaved Vanilla, & White Birch Rosemary

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