Natural Latex - Not just latex

Not just latex - 100% Pure Natural Latex   (Certified to four pure standards)

Latex, rubber, memory-foam - which are really natural and which are not? How does organic apply to latex? Our report helps a consumer learn how to read between the lines on latex and rubber. Not all latex is equal - in fact - some is just downright toxic even if they add some natural materials to it! The biggest example is the memory foam now being used in many mattresses. Simply put - they are not natural and DO contain petro-chemicals to create the reactions necessary to make it "conform" to your body. Even if some manufacturers claim to have a "Green" or "Natural" or "Bio" memory foam because they replace some of the toxic chemicals with organic soy chemicals or other natural ingredients - remember that the primary agent to create memory foams unique properties will always be toxic petrochemicals.

Earthsake Natural Latex mattresses use only 100% Pure Natural Latex with NO petro-chemicals or additives. They are 100% botanical. Unlike blended latex or memory foam, our latex is manufactured instead with thousands of tiny vent holes and only air is whipped into the liquid latex before baking it into a mattress core. The vent holes and latex density in the air-whipped foam create the breathability and elasticity desired to conform to your body.

Types of Latex the Earthsake Brand products require: 

Organic Latex:  Organic latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree which is manufactured in the Dunlop or Talalay process.  A mattress made from organic latex does not contain any chemicals, synthetics, pesticides, herbicides, or other man-made products.      (GOLS and USDA-NOP)

100% Natural Latex:   100% natural latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree which is manufactured in the Dunlop or Talalay process.  It is certified to two additional processing standards for purity all the way through to the end product.  These certifications alone do not always carry the USDA agricultural certification due to cost or availability of the seal.  There are no rubber tree plantations for latex in the USA.  The manufacturing process for our organic latex and 100% natural latex is the same.  The purity and quality of the end-product is identical.     (EU and ISO)

Our latex suppliers have all four levels of certification GOLS, USDA NOP, EU and ISO 

Earthsake Brand products can NOT contain:

Synthetic Latex: Latex that is not 100% natural or organic and is mixed with petroleum based plasticizer like butadiene and styrene to create a synthetic latex or latex foam. No synthetic latex for earthsake. 

Blended Latex: Some companies combine organic or natural latex with synthetic latex in their mattresses. This is not allowed in Earthsake brand products.  Some combination latex mattresses also include fillers which are particles of clay (or other materials) that are mixed into the latex. Fillers make latex cheaper, but also less durable and stiffer. No blended latex for earthsake.

Why GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) is NOT enough
To achieve GOLS certification, a product must contain more than 95% of certified organic natural rubber latex. The product shall not contain synthetic latex and/or non-organic natural rubber latex but GOLS permits the following as approved additional materials/accessories in addition to latex for the making of products:

  1. - Polyethylene as a support material
  2. - Polylactic fibers (PLA) and/or other natural or synthetic fibers as a flammability protection material 
  3. - Synthetic and man made fiber as a lining for supported gloves
  4. - Synthetic Linings, interlinings, flanging, netting
  5. - Natural graphite as fire retardant

earthSake organic latex mattresses can NOT contain the 5 items above which is why we certify our organic latex mattresses to Four Pure Latex Certification levels rather than just GOLS.  

Memory Foams always contain petrochemicals and are not breathable as they surround your body at night creating a body impression. These body impressions can become annoying if you try to move in your sleep and they are a bit smothering when it comes to body temperature. With our 100% natural botanical latex mattresses - you get breathable comfort and elasticity the all natural way - with no additives. With our natural latex options - why even consider other latex mattresses or foams containing synthetic toxic additives?

The Solstice, Serenity, & Bliss Mattresses have been custom designed by our sleep experts for the best possible latex mattress sleep settings in order to match a variety of sleep styles and individual comfort needs. The Utopia Mattress can be customized by you- using 3 inch layers of natural botanical latex manufactured in a multitude of firmness/softness levels (based on various air-whipped foam densities) so you can truly customize a mattress to fit your specific comfort level.  And for those of you that want a modern day easy-to-ship-n-try mattress style: the earthSake "breEZe" mattress automatically adjusts to your body and it ships for free directly to your doorstep via UPS.  It comes to you in a compact Box with a 100 night free-trial and free returns - just like those other fellas do - but we do it with organic, pure & local ingredients.

So when considering a latex or foam or rubber mattress you should always ask if the rubber, latex or foam is 100% natural and pure containing no chemical additives (whatever they are). No additives are necessary with Earthsake Natural Latex mattresses.

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