Organic Cotton Filled Pillows

Organic Cotton Filled Pillows
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Organic Cotton Filled Pillows
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12-10-2018: The pillow covers are plain perfection and they keep the pillows in the best condition over time.
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Organic Cotton Filled Pillows Description

By popular demand we offer 100% chemical free certified organic cotton pillows.
Made in the USA (California) with local, organic ingredients!

No chemicals, no synthetics. Just pure organic cotton on the inside inside and covered with unbleached 100% Organic Cotton muslin on the outside to keep everything natural, pure and unbelievably comfy!

The pillow is not washable but we carry Machine washable organic cotton muslin covers (aka: zippered pillow protectors) for all pillow sizes.   We recommend this extra layer of protection on your pillow beneath your pillow case to keep your pillow fresh, clean and stain free for years to come. 
Pure Heaven!

Organic Cotton Filled Pillows Care

Remove any covers or protectors and expose the pillow to Sun & Air every 3 months for one hour on each side.

It may also be vacuumed carefully.  These pillows can be put in the dryer only with no heat or on air fluff only.    Please simply use mother nature's air and sun for regular refreshment.  Machine washable organic cotton pillow protectors  are available for all pillow sizes.

Stains/odors may be spot cleaned using a solution of 1:3 parts distilled white vinegar and water.  Spray the vinegar/water solution on the stain/odor and expose to direct sunlight.  Allow to dry. It may require a few applications until the stain fades and/or odor dissipates.  You may also use a non-toxic spot cleaner or odor remover as directed.  Be sure the product dries completely.

Do not dry clean.  

Approximately one-third of the height will compact over time.  This is considered normal. Outer fabric is organic cotton and some variation in color is normal.

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Organic Cotton Filled Pillow - King

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Organic Cotton Filled Pillow - Queen

$119.00 $95.20 Web Special
Organic Cotton Filled Pillow - Standard

$109.00 $87.20 Web Special
Organic Cotton Filled Pillow - Travel

$69.00 $55.20 Web Special
Organic Cotton Muslin Pillow Cover - Travel, Boudoir, Neck

Organic Cotton Muslin Pillow Cover - Std.

Organic Cotton Muslin Pillow Cover - Queen

Organic Cotton Muslin Pillow Cover - King

Organic Cotton Muslin Pillow Cover - Euro


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