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Leaves EVA Shower Curtain Description

Shower with style and eco-friendly health!.

This subtly beautiful shower curtain is made with EVA - a chlorine-free, green alternative to PVC vinyl. Frosted for a more elegant look, yet it still has the convenience and durability of vinyl. Mold & mildew resistant, allergen-free, chlorine-free, odorless, and bio-degradable. A soft, understated leaf pattern brings a bit of nature into the shower with you.
Available in white, sage(as shown).

Solid colors (no leaf pattern) available as special order - just click here. More colors and patterns will be available soon. Call to inquire about our latest availability.

72" x 72", .15mm/6 gauge, super soft EVA, frosted, ecofriendly & safe!

As of yet we have been unable to find an EVA shower curtain liner made in the USA - or a chlorine-free, green alternative to PVC vinyl made in the USA. If you have one or know of a USA-made source please let us know. We are always looking for products made in the USA. In this case, the eco-friendly nature of this product made in China trumps the PVC vinyl shower curtain liners made here in the USA.

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Leaves EVA Shower Curtain - sage
Leaves EVA Shower Curtain - white

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