Facts About Wool

Facts About Wool

Wool is the most complex, breathable fiber on earth.

Wicks away moisture, leaving the body at a comfortable and constant temperature all evening.

Can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture — ten times as much as any synthetic — without feeling clammy. Capable of absorbing and rapidly evaporating body vapor for dry, comfortable warmth.

Keeps heat down and humidity low.

Keeps heart rate calm and blood pressure low.

Historically used in both climates: The heat of the desert and the coldest arctic climates.

Dry, porous nature keeps out dust mites.

Resilient: wool fiber has a natural "crimp" — like a coiled spring — with permanent built-in "memory". Springiness keeps blankets eternally fluffy and soft; avoids lumpiness and loss of shape.

Comfort: the natural, three-dimensional structure of wool — which could never be reproduced synthetically — creates millions of air pockets to provide soothing support and regulate temperature and humidity

Naturally flame-resistant, due to its unique chemical structure and natural moisture content; no need for use of chemical fire retardants.

Facts About PureGrow Wool - Pure&Local

There are absolutely no chemicals, pesticides or artificial materials in the sheep's environment. The pastures where they graze must be free of pesticides for a minimum of two years, and supplemental feeds must be organically based. Even the grasses on which the sheep are grazed are carefully selected.

Inoculations can contain no synthetics or hormones.

In the shearing process, ranchers use a clean room and a surface free of dirt, dust and pests. PureGrow Wool™ is then scrupulously cleaned with water and processed purely without the use of bleach, formaldehyde or dyes.

PureGrow Wool™ is not carbonized. Carbonization is a harsh chemical process used for cleaning wool. Many people who think they are allergic to wool are actually allergic to the chemicals used in carbonization.

Pure & Locally made in the USA from local ranches & organic farms - The wool is so pure and so natural that some have reported a slight "farm-like" smell to their PureGrow wool mattress or bedding product when it first arrives (which soon dissipates). This is usually only when something is freshly made to order with PureGrow wool and shipped directly to the customer straight from our local manufacturer.  In rare cases, others have reported an "oil-like" smell to PureGrow wool, which is in fact lanolin oil found naturally in sheep's wool.  Since every sheep is different and PureGrow wool is never cleaned with chemical bleaches or carbonization it can rarely happen where the lanolin oil concentration in certain batches is higher than in others and an "oil-like" smell may be detected by those with an extreme sense of smell. We've never detected this lanolin oil smell in our final products but it has been rarely reported and, though unusual, it is in fact a testament to its purity.  Since our mattresses and bedding are often custom-made to order for each customer and do not sit in storage for months (or years) this can happen from time to time with something as pure as PureGrow wool (because it is fresh from the farm to you) but it is nothing to worry about, totally natural, and a little fresh air will always do the trick.

For more information visit our section on The History of PureGrow Wool™.

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