Pure&Local™ Wool Comforters

Cool in the Summer - Warm in the Winter!
An Earthsake essential.
Made in the USA with local wool & organic ingredients!
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Sleeping well 02/12/2020
By Ali
12-09-2017: After so many years with an old feather comforter that I believe was making me wake up congested, I ordered the wool comforter. It has been awesome. When it arrived it had the wool smell that I don't mind but has disappeared and my allergies are minimal. It is slightly heavy compared to the old one that I had but it's perfect as it doesn't get too warm. I'm very happy and glad I finally bought it after so long.
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Pure&Local™ Wool Comforters Description

If you're only going to buy one thing for your bedroom, this is it. The Earthsake Natural Bedroom Pure&Local Wool™ comforter will fill every single one of your needs, from health to warmth to unadulterated comfort. Cozy Pure&Local Wool on the inside and super soft organic cotton sateen on the outside. You can sleep with nothing over you but this, and find that you've never been more satisfied.

"MFG OS/F Charge" = Manufacturer's OverSize/Fuel Charge (See Shipping/Delivery Tab for more details)

Pure&Local™ Wool, is the "Premium Organic" wool we've carried for over 30 years. Original suppliers call it PureGrow™ Wool,  other suppliers call it Premium EcoWool™ while others have their own trademark.  The point is this wool goes beyond "eco" and "organic" standards because it is 100% American from free-range "happy sheep" ranched in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.  They are raised in outstanding natural and healthy conditions under strict organic standards and Pure Premium Eco Wool standards.  We now just call it Pure&Local™ Wool - since our suppliers/manufacturing facilities must make our product in the same way using the same product specifications with  Pure & Local materials. 

PureGrow Wool = Pure&Local Wool.   There are many Certifications, trademarks, branding criteria (or otherwise) that do not meet the earthSake™ Pure&Local™ standard (and it's usually the local part) so accept no imitations - this earthSake brand product is pure & local perfection.


Now in three different temperature weights for optimal comfort:

Tropical Weight is cooler comfort for those sleepers who are always hot at night. They're lighter, but retain all of our Pure&Local wool's most enviable qualities.
Crib/Baby (35x53).9lb,
Twin (68x86)2.6lbs., Full/Queen (88x92)3.3lbs, and King/CalKing (92x108)3.75lbs.

Regular Weight is the perfect cool in summer, warm in the winter solution for most people. It is by far the most popular and our highest recommendation for the best of both worlds.

Twin (68x86)3.6lbs., Full/Queen (88x92)4.5lbs., and King/CalKing (92x108)5.2lbs.

Extra Warmth is warmer comfort for those sleepers who are always cold at night and like lots of blankets. They're fuller, puffy and cozy-as-can-be while still retaining the moisture wicking and body temperature regulation qualities of our Pure&Local Wool.

Twin (68x86)5.6lbs., Full/Queen (88x92)7lbs, and King/CalKing (92x108)8.1lbs.

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforters Care

Remove any duvet or comforter covers and expose the comforter to Sun & Air every two months for one hour on each side.  Doing this every time you wash your duvet or comforter covers makes it easy to remember:  As the covers wash and dry just expose the comforter itself to sun and air.

Comforter may also be vacuumed carefully using a wand (not a vacuum brush or upright used on floors).

We do not recommend placing comforters in a dryer even with no heat or on air fluff only. While this is useful for pillows it is not recommended for comforters. Please use mother nature's air and sun only for regular refreshment.

Stains/odors may be spot cleaned using a solution of 1:3 parts distilled white vinegar and water. Spray the vinegar/water solution on the stain and expose to direct sunlight. Allow to dry. It may require a few applications until the stain fades and/or odor dissipates. You may also use a non-toxic spot cleaner or odor remover as directed. Be sure the product dries completely.

Do not dry clean.

Approcimately one-third of the comforter height will compact over time. This is considered normal. Comforter outer fabric is organic cotton and some variation in color is normal.

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforters Health

You might imagine that down is the ideal filling for a comforter.  Yet studies have concluded that sleepers with wool-filled comforters have lower heart rates and humidity next to the skin with no dust mites or allergens that you find in down and no harm to the animals providing the comfort.

Our version, in Pure&Local wool, offers down-like softness and loft, plus a richer, more substantial feel.  The layers of Pure&Local wool fleece are nestled into a hand-tufted organic cotton cover that you'll just have to feel to believe. And using the natural properties of Pure&Local wool this comforter keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter so you'll sleep soundly in any season...all without bringing unhealthy toxins into your world.  Nestle under this comforter and your tensions and worries will quickly diffuse like smoke in the wind! 

Pure&Local wool is not carbonized.  Most people who believe they have an allergy to wool are actually reacting to the process of carbonization used to clean most other wools - even if organic.  Our Pure&Local Wool fleece is not carbonized and has been tested with the most sensitive individuals.  The only reaction they had was pure comfort and luxurious feel! Go ahead - Experience intense comfort and cushioned bliss. Discover the difference with our Pure&Local wool. You will be amazed!

We have completely chemical free, Pure&Local wool & latex pillows, mattresses, mattress pads/toppers and plastic-free/vinyl-free waterproof puddle pads made in exactly the same way to complete your bedding the right way.  All natural - all comfortable - all pure.

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforters Earth

Filled with Pure&Local wool fleece and covered in 100% Organic Cotton Sateen. Pure&Local Wool is the same premium wool we've carried for over 23 years - its just a different name for it. This wool goes beyond "organic" standards and is 100% American from free-range "happy sheep" ranched in Northern California, Oregon and Washington. They are raised in outstanding natural conditions under strict organic land standards and Pure&Local Wool standards.

While others may claim to be 100% Natural or Organic, they often do not use Pure&Local wool and there is a world of difference: Most wool, whether "organic" or not, is put through a harsh chemical cleaning process called "carbonization".  Pure&Local wool is not carbonized and comes from American shepards that are certified by American Humane for the incredible natural and healthy treatment/conditions of their sheep. This comforter also has an Organic Cotton sateen cover as an improvement to luxurious comfort that also meets the highest organic standards available.  

And because Earthsake sources local & organic ingredients and our bedding is hand-made in small productions right here on the West Coast - we have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry.  Made in the USA with local organic ingredients to support local farmers & small manufacturers that still make things by hand. 

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Pure&Local™ Wool Comforters Shipping/Delivery

Allow 2 weeks for items in stock, 4-6 weeks for items out of stock or made to order.

"MFG OS/F Charge = Manufacturer's OverSize/Fuel Charge" - This is a charge manufacturers and shippers implement on larger oversize products.  It is a product charge - not a shipping charge.  Oversize products are more costly to ship and incur either an "oversize charge" or a "fuel surcharge" simply to get the product to our store or warehouse - even if a customer is picking up at the store or warehouse. 

The fee is charged by the shipper or manufacturer and retailers pay the fee to get it to the store or warehouse and then again to ship from the store or warehouse out to a customer.  So retailers pay two MFG OS/F charges on one product when shipping to you.   As such its best to buy the product directly from the store and pick it up at our store or warehouse to avoid rising ship costs and higher fees implemented by product manufacturers and shipping companies (which of course is driven by higher fuel prices). 

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Pure&Local™ Wool Comforter - Baby

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforter - Tropical Weight - Twin

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforter - Tropical Weight - Full/Queen

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforter - Tropical Weight - King/CalKing

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforter - Regular Weight - Twin

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforter - Regular Weight - Full/Queen

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforter - Regular Weight - King/CalKing

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforter - Extra Warm - Twin

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforter - Extra Warm - Full/Queen

Pure&Local™ Wool Comforter - Extra Warm - King/CalKing


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