PureGrow Wool - Natural Benefits of Wool

The Natural Benefits of Wool

Never has there been a fiber with such irresistible qualities. The natural three-dimensional structure of wool—which could never be reproduced synthetically—creates millions of air pockets to provide soothing support while regulating temperature and humidity. Wool keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and wicks away moisture to ensure a dry sleeping environment. Because of these characteristics inherent in wool, it is the perfect foundation for all mattress and bedding products

Natural Moisture Control
The average sleeper gives off a pint of water vapor during an eight-hour sleep period. The ability of a fiber to handle this excess moisture is very important. If there is excess humidity under the blanket your heart rate and blood pressure climb, resulting in shallow sleep. Basically, if it is too hot or too humid in your sleeping environment, you will experience less sub-REM sleep. This is the deeper stage of sleep, which is very important for rest and deep-tissue relaxation; without it, you'll find yourself tossing and turning more. Tests conducted at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales—featuring wool versus synthetic fibers—revealed that the heart rate under the wool filled comforter was significantly lower 100% of the time. In addition, the humidity next to the skin was shown to be significantly lower 71% of the time under a wool comforter.

Wool is superior to all other fibers in its ability to handle body moisture in both warm and cool external temperatures. Because of the porous nature of the cells in wool fiber, it can quickly and efficiently absorb and evaporate moisture. In fact, wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight without feeling damp or clammy. The natural heat and moisture control of wool allows for healthy, dry comfortable warmth all evening long.

Natural Strength
Because of the inevitable folding and shape shifting that a comforter will endure, its filling must be strong. Wool is the answer. The durability of The Earthsake Natural Bedroom wool mattress pad, comforter and pillows are a result of the fiber's flexibility. Wool can bend back on itself 20,000 times without breaking; compare this to cotton at 3200 times, silk at 1800, and rayon at only 75 times. That's why our Earthsake Natural Bedroom is such a good investment, financially as well as healthwise.

Natural Resilience
The intrinsic shape of wool fiber—it looks like a coiled spring—is the key to its enduring resilience. This springiness keeps all of our wool-filled products eternally fluffy and soft, resisting the formation of annoying lumps or shifts in the batting. The Earthsake Natural Bedroom comforter will consistently retain its natural loft and thickness.

Natural Resistance
Due to its unique chemical structure and built-in moisture content, wool is naturally resistant to fire. This means there is no need for the use of external fire retardants. However, even with its natural moisture, wool's dry, porous nature repels mildew and dust mites as well. In a sense, wool is an active fiber. Because it wicks away moisture and is mildew resistant, wool is self-maintaining to a large degree.

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