Pure&Local Wool, Nature's Gift

Local PureGrow Wool from Sonoma County!

Local organic farms produce PureGrow wool from the purest "happy sheep" in Sonoma County. These free-range, organic farms have exceeded organic purity standards for many years. In fact, PureGrow wool meets such a high standard that it is considered to be the purest form of wool in the entire world. And its all right here - locally produced, harvested, and cleaned in the purest possible way. Earthsake mattresses and bedding use PureGrow wool for natural fire-retardancy, body temperature control (cool in summer - warm in winter), and all its other natural benefits while providing the healthiest, purest form of organic wool available. The program has expanded over the years with more ranchers and shepherds using the exact same process - while different trademarks exist for each supplier it's all still Pure&Local for earthSake brand products. 

There are absolutely no chemicals, pesticides or artificial materials in the sheep's environment - ever. The pastures where they graze must be free of pesticides for a minimum of two years, and supplemental feeds must be organically based. Even the grasses on which the sheep are grazed are carefully selected. Inoculations can contain no synthetics or hormones.

So right from the start Its organic wool with even stricter standards - but what makes Pure&Local wool even better and more pure? In the shearing process, ranchers use an exclusively seperate clean room and a surface free of dirt, dust and pests.  Pure&Local Wool™ is then scrupulously cleaned and processed without the use of bleach, formaldehyde or dyes. Completely Chemical-free from start to finish. Pure&Local Wool™ is not carbonized like other organic wools. Carbonization is a cheap harsh chemical process used for cleaning wool. Many people who think they are allergic to wool are actually allergic to the chemicals used in carbonation.

Find out more about Pure&Local Wool in the History of PureGrow Wool section and more on the purity of Pure&Local wool in the Facts about Wool section.

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